Wire-driven parallel robots

Workshop, 7th March, 13:30 

Wire-driven parallel robots have moved far beyond pure fundamental research and are now subject to numerous application projects. The goal of this workshop is to offer a discussion forum for both potential users and wire robot experts.


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The drawback of classical parallel robot is mainly their limited workspace, which is due to the limitation of the stroke of linear actuator and of the passive joint motion, singularity (i.e. the poses in which the forces in the leg may go to infinity) and legs interference. In a wire-driven parallel robot, the linear actuators are replaced 
by wires whose lengths can be adjusted as in the SEGESTA robot from University of Duisburg-Essen.

As selected application examples have shown, the potential of the wire robots technology offers outstanding properties when large workspaces, transport of heavy loads or fast movements are desired. Wire-driven parallel robots have moved far beyond pure fundamental research - mainly done by the very active community of kinematic analysis and design - and are now subject to numerous application projects (e.g. EU project CableBOT: Parallel Cable Robotics for Improving Maintenance and Logistics of Large-Scale Products).

There is a huge potential for further applications throughout all industrial branches. The goal of this workshop is to offer a discussion forum for both potential users and wire robot experts. While many fundamental problems of wire-driven parallel robots are solved, future challenges will arise from specific application conditions and requirements. Open questions in the fields of theoretical research, hardware design and selection, performance analysis and geometrical design for specific requirements have to be solved. This workshop is intended to support the networking process and to found new collaborations and partnerships between researchers and future users.

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The presentations will cover many research aspects, giving the audience an overview on the theoretical background, practical application examples and lessons learned. Recent activities and projects will be shown.


  • T. Bruckmann, Application Examples of Wire Robots
  • A. Pott
  • J-P. Merlet, Open issues in the theory for wire-driven parallel robots
  • M. Cecarelli, to be confirmed

Key topics

  • Wire-driven robots

Workshop category

  • Presentations


  • Tobias Bruckmann, Duisburg-Essen University (bruckmann@mechatronik.uni-duisburg.de)
  • Jean-Pierre Merlet, Sophia-Antipolis Inria (Jean-Pierre.Merlet@inria.fr)
  • Andreas Pott, Fraunhofer IPA (Andreas.Pott@ipa.fraunhofer.de)

Planned follow-up

The presentations of the speakers will be freely available on the workshop web site. The discussions that will be
held during the industrial/application and academic sessions will be summarized in a prospective report that 
will be made available on the EUROP and EURON websites.
 A conference on this subject will be organized in September 2012.

Further information

Information on the workshop will be posted on the workshop web http://www- sop.inria.fr/members/Jean-Pierre.Merle
t together with useful links to parallel robots.


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