Vision-based Safety for Mobile Robots

Workshop, 7th March, 13:30 

As robots move out of their cages, safety becomes a new challenge. This workshop will focus on the interdisciplinary exchange between developers, designers, machine-vision experts, and possible target customers.


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Robotics is moving from static shielded robots to dynamic and mobile applications where a simple laser line scanner will not provide accurate safety. Future robots will have to be able to move safely in open and unpredictable world and to share the human living space.

Roboticists have long been aware of the motion safety issue; there is a rich literature on collision avoidance schemes based on machine vision. However, motion safety in the real world - especially for systems with interesting dynamics - remains an open problem. Demonstrating that a robotic system is working properly on a limited set of experiments is not enough. If autonomous robotic systems are ever to be deployed among human beings on a large scale, there is a need to characterize the level of motion safety that can be achieved and/or to specify the conditions under which it can be guaranteed.

This workshop will focus on the interdisciplinary exchange between developers, designers, machine-vision experts, and possible target customers. Presentations will be given by possible end user - representatives illustrating their actual needs - as well as by developers, who have already been in contact with their future customers and who are thus able to present, not only the technical capabilities of today's mobile robots, but also align them with useful service applications. The workshop will be addressed to robotics researchers, from any subfield of the vision-based safety from both academia and industry, to industry members interested in the exploitation of research results, and to others interested in methodologies in scientific and engineering disciplines.

Agenda & Speakers

  • Achim J. Lilienthal, Associate Professor, AASS, School of Science and Technology, Örebro University

    2-3 more based on abstract submission.

Key topics

  • Vision-based technology
  • Safety technology

Workshop category

  • Presentations
  • Discussion


  • Michael Nielsen, Danish Technological Institute (
  • Giulio Reina, University of Salento (

Planned follow-up

The main objective is to establish connection between people working with safety research and applications. Ideally, the outcome of the workshop will be the start of one or more new projects, e.g. EU projects or innovation consortia.

Further information

Safe Autonomous Vehicles for Industrial Environments:

Ambient Awareness for Agricultural Autonomous Vehicles:



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