Robotics and Cognition

Workshop, 7th March, 13:30

Which cognitive capabilities do robots need? In the field of cognitive robotics, this workshop seeks to improve the mutual understanding of needs in research and industry.


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The workshop is a start to bringing closer together the robotics and cognitive systems communities - both academia and industry. This is one of the actions taken by the newly starting euCogIII networking action. The objective is to make both communities more aware of their respective strengths and the possibilities to provide better and better service to the industry.

As a first step, the communities need to begin understanding each other's language and the possibilities provided. To this end we plan to invite proponents of both sides to freely speak about demand and options. Additionally, we invite open proposals to add to the discussion with a short statement.


  • Introduction, idea, objectives by proposers
  • Uniting robotics and cognition
  • Demands of future robotics and intelligent machines
  • Possibilities provided by cognitive systems research
  • Open discussion and summary; follow up events


Confirmed speakers:

  • Rodolphe Gelin, EU relations, Aldebaran
  • Nicola Tomatis, CEO, BlueBotics
  • Vincent Mueller, Coordinator euCogIII, Anatolia College

Key topics

  • Cognitive robotics
  • Industry meets academia

Workshop category

  • Presentations
  • Open discussion


Planned follow-up

The workshop outcome will be made available as a short report on the euCognition webpage, including link/copy to EUROP, if wanted. 

The results of the discussion will be actively used by the euCogIII board for planning further awareness and synergy activities on creating links between industry and academia. Furthermore, there will be a similar event during one of the euCogIII meetings specifically inviting the robotics community. 

Further information


There will be a workshop webpage as part of the euCognition webpages similar to previous events such as


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The European Robotics Forum, organized by the European robotic networks EURON, EUROP, the euRobotics Coordination Action and hosted by The Danish Technological Institute, is in the field of robotics the meeting point for engineers, scientists and business people from all over Europe. The event will take place from 5-7 March 2012 in Odense, Denmark. 

More than 300 robotics researchers from industry and academia, as well as entrepreneurs and public investors, are expected to discuss the latest developments, research challenges and business opportunities for European robotics. 
This year's theme of the European Robotics Forum is "European Robotics towards new horizons".

For more information, registration for the forum, and to become an exhibitor, please visit the official European Robotics Forum 2012 website at