Key exhibits are now confirmed

We are proud to announce a wide range of exciting exhibits at the State of the Art Exhibition.

The following exhibits are confirmed:


Curaga - Simplifying daily living
The exhibit will display BarRefresh - a smartphone solution for people with cognitive handicaps - alongside with case material, which gives a better understanding of and insight into the product.


Webots: robot simulator
The exhibit will demonstrate the various capabilities of the Webots software. It will be made of two small self-standing posters that we will bring there. One poster displays the features of Webots whereas the other contains a white screen used to display simulation videos from a small video projector connected to a laptop.

Euroserge   EuRoSurge Project
We will introduce the EuRoSurge Project, a coordinated action aimed at developing a conceptual integration platform for Computer and Robot Aided Surgery (CRAS) research and manufacturing, identifying the key European players in surgical robotics and cognitive sciences relevant to surgery, establishing ontologies, architectures and roadblocks for CRAS. We will also show the main projects (iSur, Safros, Active) in which the Robotic lab of the University of Verona is involved, with some other partners of EuRoSurge.

The Bionic Handling Assistant
Explore the amazing Bionic Handling Assistant by Festo at the European Robotic Forum 2012. The robot is inspired by the elephant's trunk and is a light, free-moving "third hand" system.


DELMIA for off-line robot simulation and - programming
Idé-Pro Engineering & Software resell DELMIA, from Dassault Systémes. DELMIA is used to simulate all kinds of manufacturing processes in the Digital World. DELMIA can simulate production lines, workcells and robots before the production equipment is setup, and thereby ensure that production equipment works as intended. All kinds of Robots can be simulated and programmed off-line with DELMIA.

Shadow_robot_co Shadow Dexterous Hand
The Shadow Dexterous Hand is the most advanced commercial robot hand in the world. With 20 degrees of freedom, position sensing on every joint, and touch sensors in the fingertips, a Shadow Hand is the closest robot Hand to the human Hand available. It provides 24 movements, allowing a direct mapping from a human to the robot. This can give your robots unparalleled flexibility in manipulation tasks.

The world's first off-the-shelf industrial "bin-picker" robot based on the award winning SCAPE technology platform. The Bin-Picker robot picks parts that are placed randomly in bins and places them precisely in the processing machines. As an off-the-shelf product it is competitive, easy to acquire and integrate into the production line. The production worker intuitively and quickly instructs the robot for new handling tasks.


Visual Components
Visual Components, a pioneer in 3D factory simulation solutions and a leading global provider of a powerful suite of simulation software, has taken the science of Digital Manufacturing to the next level. With the release of the 2012 simulation suite Visual Components has redefined the way to do 3D Robotics Simulation by introducing a completely new simulation engine. This new simulation technology offers the fastest simulation experience up to this point and additional new features make this new version an indispensable package for anyone interested in the next generation robotics simulation.

We are looking forward to welcoming these companies' stimulating contributions.

It is still possible for your particular project or company to be part of the State of the Art Exhibition and get unmatched attention from the European robotics community.