Innovative Applications in Security and Space Robotics

Workshop, 7th March, 11:00 

In the domains of security robotics and space robotics, this workshop will illustrate a few examples of innovative missions and technological solutions.


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Security and space robotics deal, in many cases, with technologies with a low maturity level and with constraining operational regulations. Participating in this workshop can be useful to get an overview of the initiatives and projects that try to face the challenges in these domains. Another good reason to participate is the possibility of making the mutual acquaintance of people involved in the Space & Security initiatives, useful for possible future common initiatives (e.g. FP7-Horizon 2020 project proposals).

The workshop will consist of a series of presentations about new mission concepts and application-enabling technologies, given by robotics experts directly involved in research and innovation.

The main aims of this workshop are the following: to share viewpoints about the goals of the robotic devices that work in these contexts; to verify the applicability of discussed technological solutions to real-world missions; to collect experiences and study cases from existing applications or on-going projects.


11:00 - 11:05

Introduction by the moderators

11:05 - 12:30

Presentations by speakers


  • Jordi Artigas Esclusa, DLR - Robotics and Mechatronics Center
  • Thomas Vögele, DFKI/RIC - Head of International Business Development
  • Roberto Labruto, Alenia Aermacchi - Research, Technology and Innovation 
  • Mark Woods, ScySys - Intelligent and Autonomous Systems
  • Paolo Villella, Centro Gustavo Stefanini - Scientific Director
  • Eduardo Silva, ISEP - President of Autonomous Systems Laborator

Key topics

  • Security robotics
  • Space robotics

Workshop category

During the workshop, there will be speakers with a background from both research and industry, who will present products and initiatives with a target timeframe of both short and long term.


  • Flavio Fusco (SELEX Galileo),
  • Roberto Labruto (Alenia Aermacchi),

Planned follow-up

Presentations will be collected and made available on the EUROP Website.

Further information



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