From Grippers to Hands

Workshop, 7th March, 08:30 

At this workshop, the topic is 'The present and the future of advanced robotic manipulators'. The key objective is to give researchers deep insights into the range of options available for letting robots interact with the world.


From Grippers To Hands


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The "hand" is the key differentiator between humans and other species. As robots strive for generality, they need more advanced hands and manipulators. And yet, complex and expensive end-effectors cannot compete with simpler grippers in important commercial markets.

This workshop will bring together researchers and experts from both research institutes and leading companies developing along the spectrum of manipulation. We will present the state-of-the-art and approaches for developing versatile robotic hands. We will discuss the tensions between design approaches and application areas, and some ways that these have been resolved in the past, as well as exploring designs currently in the research domestic robotics.

The key objective for this workshop is to give researchers deep insights into the range of options available for letting robots interact with the world, so they can both make practical choices for commissioning robots, and understand the contributions that future research can make.

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Agenda & Speakers


Introduction by the organizers
Welcome and introduction by the chairman, Rich Walker


"The Schunk Dexterous Hand" by Tomas Berg, Product Sales Manager, Schunk Intec


"The Hybrid Gripper Project" by Bo Genefke, Team leader, Danish Technological Institute


"The Bionic Handling Assistant: Innovation for Automation and Service Robotics" by Dr. Alexander Hildebrandt, Research Mechatronic Systems, Festo




Coffee Break


"Evolutionary History of the Shadow Dextrous Hand" by Rich Walker, Managing Director, Shadow Robot Company


"Complexities of Advanced Robotic Manipulation" by Dr. Norman Hendrich, University of Hamburg.




Final words by the chairman


End of workshop

Key topics

  • Advanced Robotic manipulators
  • Complex manipulation applications

Workshop category

  • Presentations
  • Plenum discussion


  • Rich Walker, Managing Director, Shadow Robot Company (EUROP Member), 251 Liverpool Road, London N1 1LX, United Kingdom, Email:, phone: +44 20 77 00 24 87
  • Andreas Holmetoft Lyder, Ph.d., Consultant with Danish Technological Institute (DTI, EURON Member), Centre for Robot Technology, Forskerparken 10, 5230 Odense M, Denmark., phone: +45 72 20 29 76

Planned follow-up

We plan to discuss further collaboration.

Further information

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