EUROSURGE: Roadmap Towards a European Network of Surgical Robotics Laboratories

Workshop, 6th March, 08:30

Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery (CRAS) contains a strong potential to reach new levels of healthcare. This workshop aims at exchanging ideas and increasing connections within the community in this field.


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Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery (CRAS) is an area receiving broad attention worldwide, because of its strong potential to achieve new levels of healthcare. Many researchers and users are attracted to the field, but their needs to experiment with new procedures and new tools are hampered by the lack of a common surgical robotic platform that can be customized to different procedures by integrating new hardware devices and software applications.

Motivated by these considerations, the Coordination Action EUROSURGE is carrying out a census of the European laboratories doing research in robotic surgery to identify available competences and potential missing topics.

This workshop aims at presenting to the robotic community the results of the first six months of the project and to establish a fruitful discussion with experts in the areas of integration, standards, benchmarking, architectures and cognition.

Agenda & Speakers


Introduction by Paolo Fiorini


Elena de Momi & Alberto Vaccarella: Ontology for robotic surgery


Fabrizio Boriero & Paolo Fiorini: Requirements of system modularity


Luzie Schreiter & Joerg Raczkowsky: Benchmarks and integration tests


Eduard Berges & Alicia Casals: Social, ethical and legal issues of modularity


Gurvinder Virk: Standardization in medical robotics


Herman Bruyninckx: The BRICS software architecture


Presentations by researchers in surgical robotics (to be invited)


Round Table Discussion

Key topics

  • Healthcare
  • CRAS (Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery)

Workshop category

  • Lectures
  • Discussion



Planned follow-up

The EUROSURGE project will make all the presentations available on its webside and will produce a summary of discussions during the meeting. The participants of the workshop will be kept informed about the project progress and will be invited to a second workshop at the end of the project to discuss the final results.

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