Entrepreneurship Workshop

Workshop, 5th March, 08:30 (Part 1, closed) + 16:30 (Part 2, public) 

Throughout the first day at ERF2012, a group of selected teams - with a particular robotics idea each - will go through an entrepreneurial coaching session and present their work at a public session.



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The objective of the workshop is to encourage a wider acceptance of entrepreneurship in your robotics researchers by providing entrepreneurial coaching to several teams, who themselves have ideas for developing robotics products or services.

The participants are expected to have already developed an idea for a product or service and to have done some background work in researching the marketplace in which it could be exploited.


The workshop consists of two parts:

08:30 - 10:30

Part 1:
Entrepreneurship WS - Entrepreneurial coaching session (Only for Entrepreneurs Teams)

16:30 - 18:00

Part 2:
Entrepreneurship WS - Teams presentation and judging session (Public)

The first coaching session, which is closed and only the selected Entrepreneurs Teams will participate, will go through the basis of a business case and prompt the teams to develop their ideas and methods of concise explanation. Each team will give a short presentation of their product or service and will then be questioned by entrepreneurs or potential investors. They will have to make the case for investment of a particular amount of money and say how much stake in the Company they are prepared to trade. The winning team will be the one with the most convincing case for receiving the investment they are looking for.

The Coaching sessions will cover the normal aspects of making a business case (including the USP of the product or service, the market, the competitors, the team and the financials) with the last part being about making convincing presentations. Each team will be provided with one dedicated coach (or the coaches may rotate but there will always be one coach per team). The number of teams will be restricted to a maximum of 6. The presentation session will see each team presenting for 5-10 minutes before being questioned by the panel.


  • Renaud Champion, founder of PRIMNEXT, specialized in the sourcing and valuation of robotics companies and also co-founder and partner of the first venture capital fund fully dedicated to service robotics in Europe, ROBOLUTION Capital.
  • Nicola Tomatis, CEO of BlueBotics SA and Executive Board member of EUROP.
  • Rune Larsen, Head of Business Development at the Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Robot Technology.
  • Jose Luis Elejalde, Tecnalia Ventures.
  • Lennart Karlsson, Robotdalen.
  • David Bisset, iTechnicLtd.

Key topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business cases

Workshop category

  • Coaching session
  • Presentations


  • Jon Agirre Ibarbia, Tecnalia, jon.agirre@tecnalia.com
  • Thilo Zimmerman, GPS, zimmermann@gps-stuttgart.de
  • Geoff Pegman, R U Robots, geoff.pegman@rurobots.co.uk

Planned follow-up

A certificate and a small gift will be awarded to the winning team. There will also be a press release prepared about the event, the winning team and their proposed product / service.

Further information

In order to promote the participation of teams from different European countries, the teams could request to receive the reimbursement of the flight tickets (a maximum of two persons per team).


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The European Robotics Forum, organized by the European robotic networks EURON, EUROP, the euRobotics Coordination Action and hosted by The Danish Technological Institute, is in the field of robotics the meeting point for engineers, scientists and business people from all over Europe. The event will take place from 5-7 March 2012 in Odense, Denmark. 

More than 300 robotics researchers from industry and academia, as well as entrepreneurs and public investors, are expected to discuss the latest developments, research challenges and business opportunities for European robotics. 
This year's theme of the European Robotics Forum is "European Robotics towards new horizons".

For more information, registration for the forum, and to become an exhibitor, please visit the official European Robotics Forum 2012 website at www.europeanrobotics12.eu