Educational Robotics for tomorrow’s roboticists and forthcoming non-roboticists users of service robots

Workshop, 6th March, 15:30

At a European level, this workshop aims at promoting the growing interest, the investment, and the cooperation in the field of Educational Robotics. Participants shall benefit from the updated, state-of-the-art Educational Robotics applications and issues presented by authoritative professionals.


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Today, the field called "Educational Robotics" has proved to be valuable - not only for its motivational effects to excite students about science and technology and to prepare future robotics engineers - but also as a growing commercial sector. Educational robotics could (from nursery to undergraduate and over) fill the gap between a slowly changing European school systems and those urging challenges.

This workshop will address the new horizons of "learning about robotics, learning through robotics", featuring methodology and tools from elementary school grades to PhDs. A new class of robotic engineers could come out from well-tuned application of educational robotics to the educational system, consequently widening the research areas and market products.

Furthermore, a new class of non-roboticists end users of robots, such as medical doctors, nurses, clerks, and employees, are to be considered: They will need easy-to-learn training courses where the whole methodology and tools studied and tested in the educational robotics classes will be employed.



  Introduction: Bruno Siciliano, University of Naples Federico II


  Paolo Fiorini, Center for Experimental Surgical Robotics, Verona:

  From LEGO to YouBot, a new education path in service robotics


  Emanuele Micheli, School of Robotics:

  Verticality and continuity in educational robotics' programming languages


  Rodolphe Gelin, Aldebaran: Humanoid robots for education


  David Cuartielles, Arduino: Arduino platform for robotics


  Bruno Siciliano: The Master's on Robotics and Intelligent Systems at University of   Naples Federico II


  Niccolò Casiddu, University of Genoa: Design and Robotics for people with special   needs: An academic experience




  • Ing. Emanuele Micheli, School of Robotics, Educational Robotics
  • Prof. Paolo Fiorini, Center for Experimental Surgical Robotics, Verona
  • Prof. Bruno Siciliano, Director, Master Ris, University of Neaples "Federico II"
  • Dr. Rodolphe Gelin, Aldebaran
  • Dr. David Cuartielles, Arduino platform
  • Niccolò Casiddu, University of Genoa, Robotics and Design

Key topics

  • Educational robot platforms
  • New learning methodologies

Workshop category

Research and demonstrations


  • Bruno Siciliano, Master RIS, University of Naples Federico II (
  • Paolo Fiorini, Center for Experimental Surgical Robotics, Verona (
  • Emanuele Micheli, School of Robotics, Italy (

Planned follow-up

We plan to publish all presentations and a summary of the panel discussion online (euRobotics 2012 site - possibly - and for sure at

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