Danish Strongholds in Robotics

Workshop, 5th March, 08:30

By outlining Danish Strongholds in robotics, this workshop will give a quick overview of the possibilities to work with Danish innovation partners and academia.


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Denmark has an established research structure in the field of robotics and welfare technology with three major research groups at the University of Southern Denmark with main Campus in Odense (SDU), at Aalborg University (AAU), and at the Danish Technological University in Copenhagen (DTU). The research groups at SDU, AAU and DTU are involved in a substantial number of European and national projects. The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) in Odense takes the role of organizing the transfer between universities and companies. All organizations mentioned above are partners in the national innovation network RoboCluster. 

This workshop will allow future partners in EU projects find their right partner in Denmark. Participants can prepare by taking EU project ideas to the workshop.


Moderator: Bjarke Nielsen



- How the Innovation Network RoboCluster works, (Bjarke Nielsen)


Danish Strongholds in Innovation

- Danish Technological Institute about their role as tech-transfer unit, and how they help universities delivering knowledge to SMEs.



Danish Strongholds on Design.

- How Denmark will use their existing role as world leader in design, in robotic projects.



Robotic strongholds at the University of Aalborg


Robotic strongholds at the University of Southern Denmark


Robotic strongholds at the Technical University of Denmark


End of session, short summary


  • Bjarke Nielsen, Innovation network RoboCluster, Moderator
  • Kurt Nielsen, Danish Technological Institute, Innovation in robot technology speaker
  • Mette Strømgaard Dalby, Kolding School of Design, speaker
  • Thomas Bak, University of Aalborg, Speaker
  • Lars Dyhr, University of Southern Denmark, Speaker
  • Ole Ravn, Technical University of Denmark. Speaker

Key topics

  • Innovation
  • Network

Workshop category

  • Presentations


Bjarke Nielsen, Innovation Network RoboCluster (Bjarke.nielsen@robocluster.dk)

Planned follow-up

After the workshop, a short summary will be published on www.robocluster.dk and project ideas will be followed up by the head of the workshop.

Further information

Visit www.robocluster.dk


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