ECHORD Workshop: Best Practice for Knowledge Transfer and Industry-Academia Collaboration in European Robotics

Workshop, 6th March, 08:30 

How can knowledge transfer and academia-industry collaboration be performed in the most efficient way?


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The FP7 project ECHORD (European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development, was designed for strengthening the links between academia and industry. The two instruments to achieve this are the so-called experiments, small subprojects within the Integrating Project, and the so-called structured dialogue. At present, all the ECHORD experiments are active.

This workshop belongs to the structured dialogue and aims at identifying successful ways of knowledge transfer, pointing out problems that occurred and discuss how to overcome them.

The workshop starts with a presentation of some facts and findings from the structured dialogue. We will then discuss with the audience selected topics about knowledge transfer and I/U collaborations.



Welcome address and introduction to the WS format. Short presentation on the current results of the structured dialogue


Discussion of statements and questions related to knowledge transfer and I/U collaboration. These theses will be announced in advance. The discussion is led by introductory short presentations for each of those theses, ideally by ECHORD experiment partners present at the forum with focus on knowledge transfer, if possible, 2 statements, one by an academic and one by an industrial partner of the same experiment



Coffee break


Continuation of the discussion of theses


A general discussion about the best practices of tech transfer and an outlook on how this can be supported by the Commission or by other national or European initiatives/funding schemes, etc.


Wrap-up and conclusion


End of the workshop


  • To be announced.

Key topics

  • Knowledge transfer

Workshop category

  • Structured dialogue between academia and industry


  • Reinhard Lafrenz, TUM,
  • Florian Röhrbein, TUM,

Planned follow-up

The outcome of the WS will be used for the upcoming steps of ECHORD's structured dialogue, especially regarding the identification of knowledge transfer potentials.

Further information


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